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  • GVI-Foundations

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  • Volagi

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  • eBay Classifieds Group

  • West Maui Vacation

  • Native Instinct

  • Dagaz Solutions

  • Ask A Ninja

  • Performance Momentum

  • Stepwell Coaching

  • Kit Watkins

“I hired Eye580 to assist with numerous Drupal websites we were developing, including our own website at native-instinct.com. Mark is a leader in the Drupal community, as well as a creative and knowledgeable designer and developer."

Jeff Solari - CEO and Chief Product Manager

"I have been lucky to have Mark as my website designer for the past 2 1/2 years. He is incredibly creative and knowledgeable in his area of expertise; web design. I can always count on him for creative solutions, reliability and timeliness of his work. "

Robin Laub, Lifestyle Consultant and Event Planner

"The new site is more interactive; well connected to the top social and business networking sites; and is much more adaptable to audio/visual elements. My website traffic shot up immediately. I am very pleased!"

Mark Curtis

“Eye580 executed a superior web site and road show presentations for Brightmail Anti-Spam prior to the company being acquired by Symantec.”

Bob Dorr, Consultant/Director of Corporate Communications

“Mark is an amazingly great person to work with. His work is great, he delivers what he says he will do, his design is really great and his knowledge and integrity is remarkable! I would work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone.”

Jaime McNeely

"He is reliable, innovative and doesn't give up -- a truly valuable trait when dealing with demanding clients and cutting edge technology. I give Mark three thumbs up!”

Jeff Solari - CEO and Chief Product Manager

"Hire Mark and Eye580, you will be very glad that you did."

Aaron Chan, Digital Marketing Director

"Wow, you nailed it! This is exactly what we asked for, you went way beyond our expectations."

Tisha Kawcak, Director of Marketing and Events, Chatom Vineyards

"He is not only a Creator but a Mentor. He has helped me to better understand how to navigate on my site and has provided me with exceptional direction.

I could not recommend a better web designer. He's funny, too! And very patient."

Robin Laub, Lifestyle Consultant and Event Planner

"I have worked as a marketing director for the past 10 years and I can easily say Mark and his team are truly top notch, from design to build the quality of the product is the best I have ever seen."

Aaron Chan, Digital Marketing Director

"Mark is a solid team member who is a pleasure to work with. He's a pretty sweet guitar player too. I highly recommend—he's super fantastico."

Jim Granger, Creative Director at Native Instinct

“Mark gets it. He is personable, efficient, and very good at what he does. I highly recommend him.”

Brian Banmiller, President at The Banmiller Company

...thank you for your work on the 50x15foundation.org website. The overall result was very pleasing considering our restricted design budget. Thanks for delivering a quality product on time and on budget.

Lyn Lyons

"Mark refreshed the corporate identity and created an exceptional Web2.0 corporate web site for BeVocal. These efforts directly impacted the successful sales efforts and positioning of the company, leading to its acquisition by Nuance."

Bob Dorr, Consultant/Director of Corporate Marketing

"Eye580 worked with us as we redesigned our site and implemented it in Drupal. Mark had great ideas on the concept and approach and brought up several things that we should consider both short term and long term with our web presence strategy."

Paul Koenig

"Mark lead our agency through developing a new website. He was creative, engaging and was great at asking us questions to make sure that we understood the technical aspects of the project as well as ensuring that the end product would be what we wanted. www.ptownlife.org is a huge success for us!"

Becky Hopkins, Recreation Supervisor at City of Pleasanton

"When I first saw our new site, I was speechless. It literally took my breath away. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Gay Callan, Owner Chatom Vineyards

"Mark did a beautiful job on my logo and website design. He listened well and worked with me to turn my very rough ideas of imagery and color into an elegant and coherent identity. The whole look delights me. He's also very pleasant to deal with and meets his time commitments."

Dorene Mahoney, MA, SPHR Principal, StepWell Coaching

"Mark's creative ideas are amazing and he is so so so very committed to not letting you off the hook - to push through and get the result you want and WHY on the reason you hired him in the first place - he has the how to make it happen for you - what ever it is!"

Ida Centoni

"Mark not only blew us away with his designs, he was able to take difficult feedback and truly capture what we wanted in terms of design and function."

Aaron Chan, Digital Marketing Director

"Mark Rocks! You will love the way he works with you do get the job done - the one you hired him to do - and get out of your own way!"

Ida Centoni

"Mark is a talented designer and a thoughtful developer. In any situation, I could always rely on his thoroughness, high standards, and effective communication to get the job completed and make the client happy."

Jim Granger, Creative Director at Native Instinct